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, but tehran's leaders say those punishments will not stop them. tonight, why this group could be america's most important back and forth with the islamic republic yet. that's next. plus, free food. more and more chains are offering major deals to get customers in the door. before you go, there is a warning, of course, from the experts. you will hear it ahead as fox reports live tonight. eat more chicken. wondering about your retirement plan? who isn't? retirement planning is all questions... how long? how much? how soon? what if? welcome to answer city... td ameritrade's retirement center. i get planning tools, like wealth ruler. strategies. and investment ideas. and retirement experts, on the phone, when i need them. for a little help. or a lot. whether retirement is way off. or way close. time for fresh thinking. time for td ameritrade. >> shepard: let's get to that nuclear standoff with iran why don't we. president obama has under the pressure on the islamic government. is he pushing for another round of penalties aimed getting iran to limit controversial program. good luck with that
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disagreement between russia and america. here are the facts. 7-year-old justin hanson by american parents is back in russian health ministry after he was dropped off in russia thursday, sent alone on united airlines flight from america with a note from his mother which said "i no longer wish to parent this child. the child is mentally unstable. is he violent and severe. i was lied to by the russian orphanage director and worker regarding mental stability and other issues. the russians are furious. adopted from an orphanage in russia's far east. how could anyone do this they asked. the russian foreign minister says his country may freeze all adoption to american families of russian children stating what has happened is beyond the borders of good and evil, he said. the children's rights commissioner here released a video to russian tv of him questioning the boy speaking. he asked him about his adoptive mother. he said she was bad and that she often pulled his hair. trace, here is the deal. many people in the american embassy are saying quietly here they don't understand why the russian fore
poor safety compliance. it's also poor government enforcement that is plaguing mining in america. massey claims its rate fell to all time low and safety record last year was stronger than the industry average. nevertheless, this particular mine has seen three previous fatalities since 19956789 in that time the company has been cited for more than 3,000 violations, 614 in the last two years. and the federal mining safety and health administration or msha has proposed 1.5 million in fines against massey. >> once a mine operator correct the condition and makes it safe again, i can't allow -- or i can't allow my inspector to say you keep that mine shut down. when the condition is corrected, they are allowed to go back to mining. >> among other things, this mine has been cited for having a faulty ventilation plan, shep. >> shepard: you know, both the feds and state regulate mining. is there a consensus about how good a job they are doing with this regulation? >> well, an ugly truth here, shep is, that laws get passed. they don't always get enforced. we all remember the 2006 disaster a
, looking to hammer home the idea that america has to do something. >> make no mistake, if iran achieves a nuclear weapons capability, it will not be because we couldn't stop it but because we chose not to stop it. >> shepard: that's up for debate. the problem is that administration officials generally say a military strike against iran would only set the nuclear program back. it would not stop it. this debate all the more urgent in light of the warnings we heard repeated today that iranians could have a nuclear bomb within a year. but couldn't use it until much later, even if that does happen. our chief correspondent for "the fox report" from new york. if they did get it within a year they couldn't use it right away. >> no, they couldn't. most experts agree it would take them another three years to get it to a form in which they could deliver it as a weapon. in other words, miniature rise it enough to put it on the head of a missile that news comes as we also learn today slightly worrying development that iran's nuclear reactor at the power plant will be ready to open in august. that wo
. jonathan, thank you. now to a memorial for america's fallen soldiers. it's a big white cross, veterans built it on government land way back when. but the public land is now in private hands. so should the cross be forced to come down? we'll report as the supreme court decides. and florida's governor has apparently made up his mind now. charlie crist about to reveal whether he will be in the battle and on the ballot as a republican or an independent. a live report next from the journalists of fox news on tonight's fox report. neighborho. i told y it waserfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it befe they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you
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states of america. >> and we also confirm today to her attorney that ramirez is three months pregnant. while she was oversees, it's alleged that she married an nigerian national unindicted coconspirator tore in the case. separately, ramirez has a 6-year-old son. she brought him back from ireland to the u.s. last week. he is being cared for by the state right now. they are having to determine how much needless he-to-say he will not be visiting her in jail at this time, shep. >> catherine herridge outside the courthouse in philly. thank you. now the story of a man who seemed to be absolutely heart broken. his wife and children were missing. he gave an emotional news conference, begging his wife to come home. and then the next thing you know, police charged him with murder. how eerie surveillance video cracked this case. and why the cops say her violent death was no accident at all. we will show you the video. and we'll hear from him. that's next. ♪ [ male announcer ] we make them beautiful. ♪ we make them tougher. ♪ we make them legendary. we make them better... ♪ to make your l
because regulations start today and all auto industry in america and consumer demands that drive it are going to change. >> shepard: major garrett in the yard at the white house on a beautiful evening. thank you. for all of toyota's problems the reports of sudden acceleration, the recalls of millions of vehicles. tonight, a brighter spot for the japanese automaker. it reports u.s. sales sored last month in response to some unprecedented discounts to try to win back its customers. gerri willis from the fox business network is live with us to take us through the numbers. >> let's start with toyota. that's how were talking about up 41% in terms of march sales mostly because of big-time incentives they gave despite headlines, despite the recalls. ford, too, doing really well here, up 40% in sales. ford could claim that it has some new brands that they are repromoting, in cars, rather than trucks. big change there g.m., up 21%. but if you back out the old lines that they are getting rid of, pontiac and saturn, they were up 43%. really good month for them. but chrysler, the one outlier
a rapid fire like a machine gun. >> shepard: the crack of gunshots all too common in america's second city. >> shots fired. >> shepard: now some lawmakers say it's time to take drastic action and call in the national guard. >> it strikes me as common sense. >> not everyone agrees. tonight, the debate over soldiers in the streets. plus, a twister's deadly path. [sirens] >> i heard the windows coming out and the building fell around me. devastating. to see it unreal. how communities are pulling together inside the disaster zone. >> we'll not let this defeat us. >> shepard: and stories from those who made it out alive. 58 tornadoes touched down across six southern states over the weekend. 36 of them in mississippi. and one of those was on the ground for 100 miles. it's blamed for killing 10 people across the magnolia state. according to the latest count, the storm's damage destroyed nearly 700 homes there. but emergency officials say they are still working to assess all the devastation. the twister sliced a path across the state. counties in red where the storms destroyed more than 100 homes.
america's bullying epidemic. >> she was getting bullied. >> i think it's very sad; very sad. >> >> shepard: it happens in schools all across the nation. >> i did bullying him. >> kids picking on classmates, teasing them, pushing them to their breaking points. >> they would knock books out of his hands in school. >> now i wish i could take it back. >> they attacked his self-esteem. they attacked his physical appearance. >> tonight, the frightening truth about children bullied to death and jonathan hunt hosts a special live chat from florida. plus, it hit with devastating force. >> you couldn't even walk outside. everything was moving. >> shepard: everywhere you look, evidence of its power. tonight, inside the aftermath of the easter sunday earthquake. first, continuing coverage of news breaking now. at least six people are confirmed dead after an explosion at a coal mine in west virginia. and right now there is an urgent search underway for nearly two dozen other miners said to be trapped underground. we're told rescue crews are on the scene now at massey energy coal mine in raleigh county.
actually headed towards north america? >> country. >> shepard: plus a billion dollars and counting. tonight, adding up the cost of this chaos. first tonight, a warning. the volcano that caused travel chaos around the world may be gaining strength and sending more ash toward england. european officials earlier declared they will be ready to reopen large sections of airspace in a matter of hours. five days after the eruption in iceland stalled global air travel. controllers will stop having -- will still have to keep the planes from flying into no fly zones where the volcanic ash is the heaviest. this plan is supposed to give at least a bit of hope to all those passengers who have camped out for days in airport limbo it? >> is expensive being here for an extra ten days that you haven't planned for. >> we have been at the airport for the past three nights. >> we have to go back airport wednesday. from there, who knows? >> staying in a hotel. commuting to the airport. waiting all day. going back to the hotel. that's pretty much it. >> shepard: pretty much it. there was also concern that ash fro
. what to do about america's 14 trillion-dollar debt, shepard. two words. don't ask. president obama called the leaders of his debt commission to the rose garden and declared neither he nor the question would tolerate pesky questions about what spending may be cut, what taxes may be raised. >> i'm not going to say what's in. i'm not going to say what's out. i want this commission to be free to do its work. >> mr. obama may not want questions because some fear the commission will recommend a value-added tax a variation of a national sales tax also known as v.a.t. if adopted the tax would hit the middle class and poor and undermine this campaign promise. >> no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. not your income tax. not your payroll tax. not your capital gains taxes. not any of your taxes. >> in an early april weekly radio address, mr. obama said this about taxes and those who earn less than $250,000. >> one thing we have not done is raise income taxes on families making less than $250,000 a year. >> the reference to income taxes in the minds of s
on america's school lunches. jonathan hunt has been looking into this. a crackdown on the lunches. have you got to crack down on attitude, too. >> it's an urgent problem. congress has to act now to improve nutrition in schools according to this powerful group of retired admirals and generals. they say this is not about looking good in a uniform but about the u.s. having a force that is fit to fight. >> our national security in the year 2030 absolutely depends on us reversing this rate of obesity. >> it may sound overblown, but the sta particulars seem to back the admiral's claim that if we don't get a grip on the childhood obesity epidemic, our fighting forces could face a rapidly thinning field of potential recruits. start with the national problem of obesity in 1998, just one state, kentucky reported 40% or more of its 18 to 24-year-olds were overweight or obese. by 2008, that had increased to 39 states. now focus on the effect on that for the military. between 1995 and 2008, the proportion of potential recruits who failed their physicals because they were overweight rose by 70%. a total
. the sugar white beaches from texas to the florida panhandle, time is truly running out. fox news is america's election headquarters and an enormous shakeup on the campaign trail as fox reports live tonight. the florida governor, charlie crist, has now officially left the republican party to run for the u.s. senate as an independent. some analysts say it all started with this. >> president barack obama. (cheers] >> shepard: that hug lasted for a second it's haunted crist for a year the president in florida at the time pushing the stimulus package which chris supported. since then he lost the backing of g.o.p. heavy weights including john mccain and comited romney and plummeted in the polls. look at this. governor crist trailed marco rubio by 20 points in the republican primary. tonight the governor says is he dropping out of primary because the two party system is broken. >> i haven't supported an idea because it's a republican idea or it's a democratic idea. i support ideas that i believe are good ideas for the people. for the people. [cheers] >> shepard: governor crist himself admits he ma
to these threats and will force those who make such threats to come to their knees. we will not allow america to renew its hellish dominance over iran. this, of course, shep, all part of the ongoing confrontation between the west and iran over its nuclear ambitions. >> shepard: but the u.s. seems more optimistic now about getting a u.n. action against iran. >> had a very interesting conversation just tonight with a state department official who tells me, yes, progress is being made on getting a u.n. resolution together. in fact, official said we are confident we will get a resolution with the backing of the international community. that is diplomatic code for saying yes, we will get china's support. and most experts say if they can do that, it will be a significant step forward. listen. >> if they can get a broad, a comprehensive resolution that all of the key players sign on to, in other words, that nobody abstains, then i think they feel that they are going to be in very solid ground to toughen up these measures even further after they get the security counsel resolution they desire. >> of
is america's election headquarters. she survived the republican takeover of congress in 1994. now senator blanche lincoln is facing another tough re-election fight. but, before the arkansas democrat can even take on a republican rival, she has to defeat the opposition in her own party. james rosen live in little rock for us now. james, there is a big debate tonight. right? >> that's right, jon. it could have a big impact on senator lincoln's double digit lead in the primary polls. the embattled two-term senator has caught fire from the left for her opposition to a so-called public option in health care reform and from the right for her vote for the final package. meantime, well-financed opponent in the may 18 primary has accused her of lying about campaign contributions from goldman sachs and he calls her bailout blanch. >> i have had contributions from the ag community, from, you know, every other community out there. i mean, it clearly has had no impact on my decision-making. i mean, you know, you raise money from a lot of different people in order to be able to run good campaigns. that
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)

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